Detached Youth Work

The offer:

The Opportunity Area (OA) is funding detached youth work across Fenland and East Cambridgeshire. This work aims to meet young people where they are most comfortable to positively influence their lives. The team provides support and guidance and engage the young people in informal social education. The team aims to use information gathered during sessions to help local groups and residents understand the needs of young people.

The team will also offer the young people involved with a chance to attend a Firebreak One training day. This is an intensive one day course that supports the development of four key life skills:

  • Resilience – Having a positive outlook, managing emotions, being able to adapt well in the face of adversity.
  • Healthy relationships – Feeling supported, being able to communicate openly and honestly, being able to maintain a meaningful emotional connection.
  • Self-efficacy – Having a growth mindset, having a belief in one’s own ability.
  • Aspirations – Having positive role models, having self-esteem and confidence.

The theory behind the course is that young people who have little self-worth or self-belief often have a poor attitude towards themselves and others. Their approach to life is to avoid situations they perceive they may fail in so they appear disinterested and unwilling to try at a task. This can lead others to expect that these young people are not prepared to try in life. This results in a self-fulfilling prophecy, impacting the young people’s schoolwork and future opportunities.

The intention of Firebreak One is to provide a ‘break’ in the cycle and boost the young people’s aspirations and sense of self-worth.

By the end of the training day, each participant will write an action plan for moving forwards with their life positively and confidently.

For those individuals still requiring support to achieve this, follow-up visits can be arranged by the Firebreak team.

More information and contact:

For further information about the detached youth work or Firebreak One course please contact Ella Rolfe via

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