Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

The offer:

The Opportunity Area (OA) is funding the Healthy Mind, Healthy Body (HMHB) project, run by 20Twenty Productions.

HMHB is a 6-week food education course for young people designed to:

  • increase confidence around food
  • develop new cooking skills
  • increase knowledge of healthy eating on a budget
  • help young people understand food groups and having a healthy diet

Each week the young people will receive a step-by-step recipe and all the ingredients to cook a main meal and dessert for up to four people. The recipes will be created 20Twenty Productions’ in-house chef, Sally, who will deliver the bags directly to the family home. Sally is also available via email to answer any questions and to receive feedback and photos.

Participants will receive a workbook to track their progress and find information about food groups, healthy eating, budgeting, and food management. They will be given a pair of oven gloves and an apron, along with a budget of £20 to purchase equipment for their household, if needed.

Each term, 15 young people from each of the four mainstream secondary schools in Fenland will be invited to take part. Over the course of the three rounds, the project will support 180 young people (60 per term). The young people will be supported by a member of staff from their school and a team member from 20Twenty Productions.

The project will take place in the students’ homes following a discussion and completion of a health and safety at home questionnaire by the student and school staff member.

The food banks for each town will provide support with food contributions for each week. The community ambassadors will take ownership of the project and support the creation of the food bags on a weekly basis as part of their volunteering contribution.

More information and contact

This project is invitation only but for more information, please contact 20Twenty Productions via

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