Funded 2s Project

The offer:

The uptake of Funded 2s (F2s) places have declined year by year in Cambridgeshire. The Covid-19 pandemic has further reduced the uptake.

In response to missing out on early education, children have come to settings with delays in self-help skills, social skills, communication and language.

The Funded 2s Project targets families in the OA with children eligible for F2s places in early years provision. It aims to develop their understanding and see the benefits of early education and the importance of early years. This project is running in collaboration with Early Help, Children and Family Centres (CFCs), Health, and other relevant services for parents.

The project will include:

  • Setting up a governance structure for the work of increasing F2s
  • A marketing campaign to promote F2s
  • Streamlining application processes for parents and providers
  • Community development work to break down barriers with parents
  • A Parent Champions Programme to spread the message about the benefits of early education and to encourage uptake of F2s.

More information and contact:

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