OA Webinar Series – Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching Follow-up Support from Karin Horowitz

The offer:

As part of the Opportunity Area (OA) Webinar Series, Karin Horowitz is delivering a series of six live Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching sessions over the course of this year.

Following these sessions, each school in the OA is eligible to access a one-hour follow-up session. The follow-up session will take place between the individual school and Karin. During the session, Karin will discuss with the school how to embed learning following one of the Mental Health and Wellbeing Coaching sessions.

Each school in the OA is eligible to access one funded one-hour follow-up session. The deadline to apply for this follow-up support is Friday 3 December 2021. Please note, you may need to select your preferred follow-up support before the live webinar session has taken place.

The follow-up sessions available are:

  • Embedding a coaching culture in your school
    • Follow-up to Session 1: Developing a coaching culture
  • Developing a strategic approach to resilience in your SLT and school
    • Follow-up to Session 2: Resilience strategies to manage pressure and achieve school-life balance
  • Creating a healthy culture and climate in your school by using the six leadership styles 
    • Follow-up to Session 3: Six leadership styles to manage any situation!
  • Evaluating how the ‘drivers’ affect your school’s leadership and making adjustments 
    • Follow-up to Session 4: Listening to the voices within – understanding how our beliefs shape our actions and our mental health
  • Tailored coaching to develop SLT’s personal presence and authority 
    • Follow-up to Session 5: Gender, power and authority – developing the practical skills of personal presence and responding well to challenge of authority
  • Strategic review of your school’s change agenda and how to move forward 
    • Follow-up to Session 6: Leading through change in turbulent times and navigating with intelligence

How to apply:

To apply for this support, complete the Mental Health and Wellbeing Follow-up Support application form by Friday 3 December 2021.

If you have any queries, please contact Fenland.EastCambsOA@cambridgeshire.gov.uk.