Recruitment Incentives Grant

The offer:

We are offering a grant of up to £5,000 to fund recruitment incentives for your school or Early Years setting. The grant can be spent on a range of incentives advertised in your job adverts to encourage teachers and Early Years practitioners to apply for your vacant posts. The incentives include:

  • CPD (including Masters courses)
  • Learning visits to other schools (including in other parts of Europe)
  • Driving lessons
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Cover for personal days
  • Moving costs

More information and how to apply:

The process to apply is as follows:

  1. Email with the details below (deadline Wednesday 6 January 2021):
    • The type of vacancy/vacancies you have (e.g. class teacher, Level 4 EY practitioner)
    • The incentive(s) you would like to offer to the recruit(s)
    • How much funding you would like to claim
  2. The OA team will confirm whether your proposed request is approved
  3. Advertise your vacancy/vacancies, mentioning the incentive(s) available for candidates external to the OA
  4. Once you have recruited, complete the application form and submit this to by Wednesday 24 February 2021

Please note, funding is available on a first come first served basis so applications may close earlier than the deadline above if demand is high.


If your school has received funding from the Recruitment Incentives Grant, we would like to understand the impact that the grant had on your school and its recruitment process. Please complete the Recruitment Incentives Grant application form below and email it to to share your feedback. We really value your insight on this grant as it helps to inform how future similar work may be conducted.