Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority Projects

The Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) runs a wide range of projects designed to empower and level up wellbeing and economic growth across the region.

Upskilling and training continue to be a key focus. Current programmes include:

ARU Peterborough

ARU Peterborough is a new £30 million university for Peterborough. It is set to open its doors to 2,000 students in 2022, with an ambition to offer university courses for up to 12,500 by 2030. The University will be driven by local employer demand in both public and private sectors, encouraging and growing apprenticeships, and by working to increase employer demand.

Devolved Adult Education Budget

The CPCA takes responsibility for a devolved share of the Adult Education Budget. This allows for a localised offer that meets the needs of local individuals and businesses.

Labour Market Information

Understanding the local job market and the skills that are needed to gain employment in our area is key to helping people upskill, train and enter work.

CPCA’s Labour Market Information (LMI) will help you to understand local employment opportunities and the local demand for specific skills. The LMI resources can help you if you are looking to start or change your career. They are also helpful if you are looking to understand the local labour market at a strategic level.

Growth Works with Skills 

Growth Works with Skills is an innovative demand-led skills service connecting learners and employers with opportunities that enable growth. The online platform will allow employers to post their job and apprenticeship vacancies free of charge and access a detailed database of workers and learners across our region.

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