Digital Education Platform

The Digital Education Platform team is offering a free service to help schools set up an online learning platform (Microsoft Office 365 or Google Classrooms). Eligible schools can receive a grant (£1500 for primary, £2000 for secondary schools) which can be used to pay the service provider directly.

If your school does not currently have an online learning platform you are invited to apply for support from the team. The process runs as follows:

  1. School chooses their preferred online platform (Microsoft Office 365 or Google Classrooms)
  2. School submits an application form with their platform choice confirmed to the Digital Education Platform team
  3. Service provider (Microsoft/Google teams) sets the online platform up for the school within up to two weeks
  4. Once the online platform is set up, the school has access to CPD on remote education and education tech.

For more information and to apply for support, visit the digital education platform support website.