Digital Education Platform

The Digital Education Platform team is offering a free service to help schools set up an online learning platform (Microsoft Office 365 or Google Classrooms). Almost 7,000 schools in England have already signed up to receive this support. The platforms are purpose-built for remote learning in a way that a school or college website is not.

After a school has completed its support request form, it will receive an email from the DfE Digital Infrastructure Payments team with details on how to claim their grant. The following grants are available:

  • Individual primary school – £1,500
  • Individual secondary school or college – £2,000
  • Multi-academy trust – £1,000 per school
  • Virtual schools and colleges – £1,500

These platforms have received positive feedback with schools seeing increased digital knowledge and confidence in use by pupils and staff. This is reflected in a recent interview with a school.

For more information and to apply for support, visit the digital education platform support website. Schools can apply until the end of March 2022.

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