National Tutoring Programme

Tuition Partners – Official Launch

The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) Tuition Partners launched the list of accredited tutoring providers on Monday 2nd November 2020.

Schools are able to search and find partners in their area through the NTP website. They will then be able to apply for quality subsidised tutoring and mentoring for their school. 

Academic Mentors – First Wave Placed

Following the first wave of recruitment for Academic Mentors, the first wave will be placed into schools following half term. 

Schools are able to register their interest for an Academic Mentor at any time through the Teach First website.

Please note: Tuition Partners have initially been funded to provide subsidised tutoring for up to 250,000 pupils, from November 2020. This will substantially increase the amount of tutoring available to disadvantaged children but is not enough to provide support to every disadvantaged pupil in England. To ensure tutoring is allocated fairly if demand is very high, the Tuition Partners may introduce caps on the number of pupils per school that can receive tutoring. This will be clearly signalled on the NTP website and by Tuition Partners.