National Tutoring Programme 2021/22

On 2 June 2021, the Department for Education announced the next step in the government’s plans to support children and young people make up lost learning as a result of the pandemic.

There are three subsidised tutoring options for schools (5–16 year olds) in 2021/22:

  • School-led Tutoring
    • A grant payment to all schools, based on the number of pupil premium students.
    • Ring-fenced payment to fund tutoring provision that can be locally sourced by schools.
    • Could include using teaching assistants, existing teaching staff or local tutoring resource that is familiar with your schools and pupil needs.
    • Schools have complete flexibility to use this payment in the best way to suit their school tutoring needs.
    • Funding expected to cover around 75% of the costs of local tutoring provision in 2021/22, with the school contributing the remaining costs.
    • First payment to schools expected during autumn term 2021.
  • Tuition Partners
    • Subsidised, high-quality tuition from an approved list of Tuition Partners spanning a wide-range of topics.
    • Highly skilled Tuition Partners have passed a set of quality, safeguarding and evaluation standards.
    • Some schools might not have subject specific teaching resource on site e.g. SEND, but with Tuition Partners, can still access quality teachers.
    • 70% of the cost will be subsidised. The remaining 30% will be funded through the Recovery Premium or Pupil Premium.
  • Academic Mentors
    • ‘In class’ resource to work alongside the pupil’s teacher to address a range of interventions, focusing on 1-1 and small group sessions with pupils.
    • Trained graduates can provide intensive support in areas that are most in need of support.
    • Support tailored to schools, including subject-specific work, revision lessons and additional support available outside the school setting.
    • 95% subsidy to be funded through Recovery Premium or Pupil Premium payments.

These tutoring options will be available from autumn term 2021. More detail will be shared in the coming weeks regarding next steps on engagement to help you source high quality tutoring resource.

Find up to date information on the entire tutoring offer at the National Tutoring Programme website.

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