Priority 2

Strengthen the effectiveness of support for children and young people with mental health concerns and those with Special Educational Needs

Why this is an issue

Almost 1,000 pupils in Fenland and East Cambridgeshire have an education, health and care plan (EHCP) reflecting their special educational needs and disabilities. There are an estimated 4,400 children in the area with emerging to moderate mental health needs. Schools provide support to many more children who do not have diagnosed conditions but require additional help.

The additional needs of many of these children and young people are not being met, which restricts their ability to grasp opportunities and meet their full potential.

What we will do

  • Employ a special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and inclusion lead, who will train 6 SEND reviewers to help schools strengthen their SEND provision
  • Work with a consortium of schools and early years settings to launch a pilot peer review process to review current practice and strategies for identifying SEND needs
  • Train school and early years staff, based on local improvement needs and health concerns
  • Work with parents to help them understand how to access support for their child’s SEND or mental health needs

Our targets

  • By 2021, we will reduce the waiting time for child and adolescent mental health services support to 12 weeks, with clear referral routes for schools and colleges
  • By 2021, we will establish at least 4 support centres for parents with children who have an EHCP, which will provide access to educational resources and tailored support for their child