Priority Investment Area

Fenland and East Cambridgeshire Opportunity Area concludes in August 2022 and will become a Priority Area from September 2022. 

In the Levelling Up White Paper (Feb 2022), the Department for Education (DfE) identified 55 Education Investment Areas (EIAs) where we will implement a package of measures to drive school improvement and improve pupil outcomes. 

In the Schools White Paper (Mar 2022), the DfE identified 24 Priority Areas where they will make more intensive investment. 

More detail is to follow surrounding the Priority Area including what this means for Fenland and East Cambridgeshire.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your engagement and feedback during recent meetings and events, we continue to be committed to collaborating with our stakeholders and the valuable feedback will form part of the local needs analysis process informing the Priority Area Plans. If you would like to contribute any further feedback, please complete this short survey: 

We will hold a stakeholder event in the Autumn Term to further support the development of the Priority Area Plans. 

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