Fenland and East Cambridgeshire Youth Advisory Boards

Celebration from 20Twenty Productions CIC:

The members of the Fenland and East Cambridgeshire Youth Advisory Boards (YABs) have a joint focus on supporting children and families who are struggling with food poverty.

The YAB members are currently developing their own website, called the ‘Digital Kitchen’, and a social media campaign. Members also ran their own conference in August 2021. The conference provided an opportunity for local influencers, particularly from local authorities, to hear directly from young people about how important the issue of food poverty is to them.

The YABs have continued to meet regularly and have welcomed new members over the last year. They have:

  • successfully obtained funding to provide pizza kits to families eligible for free school meals through the Winter Food and Fuel Grant.
  • funded digital devices for young people and craft resources for younger children during the initial Covid lockdown.
  • commissioned a mental health charity to work with them to create a mental health toolkit for launch in September 2021.
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