Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

Celebration from 20Twenty Productions CIC:

To date (April 2021), 52 young people from across Fenland have taken part, or are still taking part, in a ‘Cooking at Home’ project. This project supplies young people with all the ingredients for a total of seven main meals and seven desserts over a period of six weeks. The ingredients also come with recipe cards and some cooking utensils, an apron and oven gloves. The young people involved are from vulnerable families who have been accessing extra food during recent times so the project has been welcomed by the families.

The overall aim of the project is for young people to feel more confident in cooking a meal for their family, with a focus on healthy eating on a budget.

The meals include cola chicken, chilli pasta bake and chicken pie including home-made pastry. A range of desserts have been offered including bread and butter pudding and jam sponge and custard.

Young people have reported that both their cooking and multitasking skills have improved. Through the project, they learn to follow instructions and keep to time and they have been more open to trying new things.

Girl cooking a meal over a stove
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