Year 5 Themes

This year, we are focusing our work across four main themes:

Ready to Learn

As part of this theme we will:

  • Continue to host the Opportunity Area (OA) Webinar Series.
  • Support ‘Readiness to Learn’ for the most vulnerable children. We will have a strong focus on improving children’s wellbeing, engagement and enrichment opportunities through:
    • A targeted programme of support for the most vulnerable settings and schools across the OA
    • Providing an opportunity for cluster groups of schools to design and carry out their own bespoke/localised project (schools)
    • Piloting a community project in Fenland with new parents focusing on being ‘Preschool Ready’ (Early Years)
  • Work in partnership with the Teaching School Hub to support the development and roll out of teacher support.
  • Increase opportunities to share best practice and be involved with research.

Following on from Year 5 Launch Event feedback, we are also looking into supporting:

  • Curriculum development
  • Teaching assistant training/networks
  • Parental engagement

Early Years

As part of this theme we will:

  • Embed Early Years training delivered in 2020–21 which has improved the knowledge and skills of the workforce, particularly around speech and language:
    • Five to Thrive training – understanding the importance of attachment and connected relationships on wellbeing and building resilient communities
    • REAL (Raising Early Achievement in Literacy) training
    • Cambridgeshire Communication, Language and Literacy (CLL) Modular Pathway
    • Business and Governance training
  • Boost the uptake of Funded 2s places across Fenland and East Cambridgeshire.

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

As part of this theme we will:

  • Continue to fund support from SENDIASS and Pinpoint.
  • Provide further access to fully funded YMCA Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) training.
  • Contribute to boosting the ‘Wellbeing for Education Return’ offer to support Mental Health Champions.
  • Embed Steps.

Community Support

As part of this theme we will:

  • Fund a Parent Power programme, a parental engagement project to support parents of high performing disadvantaged pupils.
  • Continue to fund the Youth Advisory Boards.
  • Continue to fund Detached Youth Worker Support.
  • Support Food Education and Life Skills programmes.
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