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The Fenland Youth Advisory Board (YAB) was formed in September 2019 and is made up of young people from across Fenland. The YAB is supported by 20Twenty Productions, which is a not-for-profit organisation that uses creativity and participation to engage and empower children and young people so they may build confidence, essential skills for life and one or more creative skill sets. 20Twenty Productions work strategically, collaboratively and directly as creative practitioners and they inspire young people to realise their potential whilst growing as leaders.

Activity to date

The first activity the group took on was to agree a consultation questionnaire to be completed by 1,000 young people aged 11–19 across all four mainstream secondary schools in Fenland. The consultation was completed by early October 2019 and the results showed that the top three issues were consistent across all secondary schools: bullying, mental health and drugs.

The YAB has received a wide range of training including training in commissioning, social media, event management and Young Inspectors, as well as completing an ASDAN award for Youth Voice. Prior to lockdown the YAB met monthly as a group, and every other month they met at Fenland District Council to discuss key issues with professionals from mental health organisations, the police, district and county officers and the commissioning team.

To date the YAB has commissioned an anti-bullying app to be used by Thomas Clarkson Academy and Cromwell Community College. The group is also working with the Young People Counselling Service to develop a tool kit to support schools.

Since lockdown the YAB has been meeting fortnightly via Zoom and has created campaigns including ‘Motivational Monday’ and a thank you to front line workers video. The YAB has commissioned 40 tablets to go to secondary schools to support Year 10 students who do not have digital access. The group has also commissioned 200 activity packs of materials to go to vulnerable families with primary aged children. These packs include creative and wellbeing activities, alongside supporting materials and equipment.

Videos and resources

The video below was put together by one of the fantastic YAB members who talks about why they wanted to be part of the board:

Video explaining why one YAB member wanted to be part of the board

The YAB have put together this video highlighting all that they have achieved in 2019/20: 

Video highlighting YAB achievements in 2019/20


For more information, please contact Kylan Nightingale, Youth Participation Coordinator, on

Fenland YAB Twitter